Portfolio of Past Projects

Shelter 2.0

Shelter being assembled

A whole house... in a crate... ready to send when/where disaster strikes. Fully cut on the CNC router, the shelter is easy to assemble without construction know-how or fancy tools.

Classroom Furniture

Our local Montessori school needed custom-sized furniture to outfit their new class space. We designed and built storage and table/stool sets that fit the philosophy and the students.

All Angels Church

We worked with the church's architect to create the light screens and the panels that shield from view a kitchen and storage. A fascinating project in Manhattan.

Bookshelf of Curves

Why Curves? Because we Can! Curves are one of the things the ShopBot does best. This bookshelf shows off a few, while still doing its job.

Franklin Street

One of the most detailed and complex projects we've done, this building in lower Manhattan uses CNC-cut foam blocks as both a brick form and wall insulation. We worked closely with architect, Jeremy Edmiston, to supply this LEGO-like building solution.

More Fun Stuff

CNC sheep

We cut things for other people and we cut our own crazy ideas. These are a sampling of some of the projects that worked!