About Us

Meet the peeps.

Yup. That's us!  Robert Bridges and Kate Latham. We're at the first evah' White House Maker Faire waiting to be addressed by the Prez.

That day was pretty cool, but regular days when we're making ideas into reality in the shop are even better.

Work Local, Think Global

One of the things that's great about Digital Fabrication is the sharing and openness of the community. As the technology has become more accessible and better understood, we've seen countless examples of a helping hand. "No need to recreate the wheel when I've got it as a .dxf file!  Here you go!"

As the industry grows, we'll continue to do our part to encourage this attitude. We are committed to introducing the technology and capability to our corner of Virginia and the community of the Eastern Shore.

MAKE a difference!

Make an idea come to life. Make a kid wonder how to do that. Make a perfectly pretty curve. Make somebody's day. Make a difference in the community.

Every day spent MAKING is rewarding!